Our Story

How it all started

River Stone Fellowship began in 2000 as Stonebridge Church with a core group of fewer than 20 people planted by Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri. The small congregation began meeting on Sunday evenings then moved to New Covenant Academy for the first Sunday morning service. In 2005 a warehouse was purchased and remodeled, November 2005 we moved into this building.


In 2017 Pastor Michael Lacobee was called to lead this revitalization with a new name, River Stone Fellowship. As the Church, we have been given the task of inviting more and more people into our family. Through building relationships with people in our world, we seek to testify to the truthfulness of the Gospel in word and in deed.

Jesus-Centered Family

We boldly believe and proclaim that Jesus is better! He transforms us and changes everything for His glory and our enteral good! In proclaiming that we are Jesus-centered, we mean that our lives as Christians are centered on Jesus Christ and His precious work in the Gospel. Everything we do as a Church family is motivated by and centered around the good news of Jesus. From our LargeGroup gatherings, to our LifeGroups, THRIX, Freeway Ministries Souths, our events, and our relationships–everything begins and ends with Jesus and the Good News of the Gospel. 

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10:00.