We believe that worship is a lifestyle

At River Stone Fellowship, we gather each Sunday to worship, through fellowship, the preaching of the scriptures, and song. Our worship ministry exists to life high the name of Jesus through song and to lead our people to do the same.

The River Stone Worship team operates on a few core values:

We sing the truths of scripture

We believe in the value singing the truths of scripture in our songs. We strive to sing songs that are based in scripture, first and foremost. 

We sing with our people

We don't sing to our congregation, we sing with them. Our goal is to create a worshipful environment each and every Sunday that we gather together. 

We sing without being a distraction

Worship isn't about us. We want to play our instruments and use our voices the best we can, but we never want to become a distraction or the focus. 

We sing to glorify Christ

Worship is about Jesus. Anytime we worship together, whether it be on a Sunday morning or just one song at a family meeting, we sing to make much of Jesus.

Worship throughout the week by following us on Spotify and YouTube: