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What can I expect at River Stone Fellowship?

At  River Stone fellowship, our goal is to cultivate a family environment. We want any person or family that walks into a Sunday morning service to feel welcomed and to see
them given the opportunity to connect. 

10am Sunday mornings, you can expect:

What we value:

Authentic Worship

At River Stone, we want to promote a strong culture of worship on Sunday mornings. And that starts with worshiping through music. We play modern worship music and value a relaxed culture for anybody who walks in our church on a Sunday morning. 

Biblical Preaching

The cornerstone of our Sunday morning worship gatherings is the preaching of the scriptures. We believe in expository preaching, which means that we want to preach exactly what the scriptures say and mean and we want the scriptures to be the center of our messages. 

Loving Community

It's right in our mission statement: We exist to be a Jesus-centered family. We want the people of River Stone Fellowship to find genuine community and build real, lasting relationships. We don't believe that church ends on Sunday.